Budget Version TopBar Hive


Topbar Beehive Budget Version

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This is the bare-bones budget version of a TopBar Hive. This hive body is designed based off of the dimensions discussed in Les Crowder’s book “TopBar Beekeeping”. The hive body is constructed of budget grade pine and comes untreated and unpainted. It is HIGHLY recommended that you paint or seal the outer portion of the hive against weathering. (*Do not paint or seal the interior portion or bars. It is not healthy for the bees, and they will take care of sealing the interior themselves.) This hive stands roughly 3 ft. tall, is 4 ft. in length, and has an opening width of 19 inches across. The topbars themselves are 1 3/8″ wide and 19″ long, and this hive comes with enough bars to completely cover the hive. Two entrance discs are included, allowing you to be able to fully control each entrance separately. This hive also comes with a lightweight corrugated plastic roof to protect the bars from direct sunlight and rain.

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